Prescribe Travel can create a voyage of a lifetime every time!

For the ultimate in luxury travel, it’s hard to go past a cruise. 

Think exotic destinations, sparkling blue waters, the finest food and drinks, and spectacular scenery. But cruising is not just about massive ocean liners — there are many options to choose from, to suit every traveller.

Let us at Prescribe Travel prescribe the perfect cruise for you. Whether your tastes lean towards river or ocean, themed or experiential, couple or family, small or large ship cruising – be assured we know the questions that should be asked in order to plan your perfect cruise holiday.

Proud to be affiliated with The Cruise Centre (a division of the Goldman Group, Virtuoso and Cruiseco member), Prescribe Travel can create a voyage of a lifetime every time! When planning your next cruise holiday, why not make Prescribe Travel your first port of call and contact us today?

Ocean Cruising

Ocean cruisers are large ships which typically host between three-to-four thousand passengers, with some of the larger cruise ships accommodating up to six-thousand.

Cruise with style

The possibilities are endless on an ocean cruise — whether you desire relaxation, live entertainment, endless banquets, or drinks by the poolside, an ocean cruise has it all.

With many exciting destinations and luxury ships to choose from, the options in cruising are countless. State of the art liners with a wide range of facilities make boredom impossible, and one cruise can offer multiple destinations. Luxury cruises offer a variety of fine dining options with casual buffets and more simple meals also catered for, but if you feel like dining in, room service is available. Because of the facilities and options available with ocean cruising, you can choose to make your holiday as entertainment-filled, or as relaxed as you’d like it. Relax by the poolside by day and enjoy fine dining and a live show by night, or dance the night away; it’s all at your fingertips.

River Cruising

River cruises are a fantastic and intimate way to travel, generally accommodating about two-hundred guests. Because of the smaller numbers, river cruises are renowned for excellent, personal service, and a sense of intimacy.

Most of the cruising is done at night, allowing you to wake up in a new port each day with no waiting or transfer times to reach tourist destinations. The ships dock in the heart of each place, enabling passengers to stroll from the ship to the sights and wonders of each destination. The scenery is ever-changing; slowly gliding down a river with a backdrop of ancient castles or snow-capped mountains.

Enjoy a glass of wine on your balcony as you soak in the views, or coffee and a chat in the lounge with new friends. A river cruise is truly the experience of a lifetime — a wonderful blend of luxury, adventure, and intimate service.

An expedition cruise is the perfect adventure offering both luxury, and experience.

Sail to some of the most remote places on earth

Luxury of a cruise, teamed with adventure and excitement.

With smaller ships hosting no more than two-hundred passengers, you can sail to some of the most remote places on earth. The focus on an expedition cruise is learning, with experts on board offering interactive and educational experiences. Geologists, biologists, anthropologists, photographers and historians sharing their expertise on local wildlife, culture and history. 

Expeditions take you to remote places and landscapes that few have ever seen — polar regions, distant islands, secluded coastlines, and exotic isles. Excursions will immerse you in art, nature and unique cultures; from secluded Japanese islands, the Great Barrier Reef, Komodo Island, Alaskan glaciers or the Galapagos. If you want the luxury of a cruise, teamed with adventure and excitement, an expedition cruise is just what you need.



For the ultimate in personalised and intimate cruising, a yacht is unbeatable.

Dock in your private bay

Dropping anchor in a tropical paradise with no one else in sight, yachting offers boutique travel to exotic destinations like no other. Think gleaming wood interiors, leather upholstery and plush seating, teamed with sparkling blue waters and personalised butler service. Private yachts can be hired for both romantic getaways and larger groups, with no compromise on luxury or service.

The size of the vessels allow for docking in shallow waters and uber private bays, or simply enjoying cruising along unspoilt coastlines. Open bars and personal chefs are one of the many features of yachting, and the captain is a local expert. Whether it’s cocktails on a moonlit deck, or a lively BBQ dinner, yachting offers the bespoke experience that will charm the most discerning traveller.


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