The Antarctic is the ultimate destination for the curious traveller, and an experience that will never be forgotten.
This beautiful continent is best explored from the luxury and comfort of a cruise.

From the turquoise glaciers formed thousands of years ago, to up close and personal with penguins, seals and whales, there is so much to explore.

The landscape of the Dry Valleys is the closest to Mars most of us will ever experience, and for the science enthusiast, a hike through the McMurdo Dry Valley or Taylor Dry Valley is a must. Whilst incredibly cold, it is dry and sparse, and its discoverer, Captain Scott, believed it to be void of life.

Scientists have since discovered that the Dry Valleys contain a large variety of thriving aquatic eco-systems.

Take the helicopter

The ultimate in bespoke travel is a luxury cruise to the Antarctic, and a personal helicopter ride over the frozen Ross Sea to the Taylor Dry Valley. Taylor Dry Valley is the home of Taylor Glacier, a glacier in a dry valley, that seems ultimately impossible!

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The ultimate experience

For the ultimate camping experience, the Antarctic Peninsula is guaranteed to be unlike any other camping adventure. This is nature at its best and most rugged; you and your team sleeping in tents pitched on ice over a kilometre thick.

From October to February you will camp under the Midnight Sun, and between February and March, you will be treated to stars so bright, they’ll take your breath away.

Camp by night, then kayak and hike the icy peninsula by day. Discover a landscape so pure and untouched that it will seem surreal. Photo opportunities abound; from the crystal waters, aqua glaciers and inquisitive sea life.You will want to capture every moment.


Whether cruising, hiking, camping, or a combination of all three, Zipporah French Travel can design an Antarctic holiday that will be unlike any other.